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A love of bookkeeping is not why you started doing business. That’s why we want to make your bookkeeping as easy as possible. DRV Pro is our total solution for organizing all your online bookkeeping in one go. As well as making your online bookkeeping simpler and more efficient, DRV Pro also integrates your financial and operational systems to create a wealth of management data that help you to keep your business on track.

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What our clients say

"Besides helping us with our bookkeeping and accounting records, Moore DRV also ensures that we have the right management information at our disposal. That’s why we switched to Exact Online. This integrated online accounting system provides us with the most up-to-date management information on our company. Among other things, it allows us to monitor our gross margin and check whether costs are in line with the budget. Our advisor also plays an active role in helping us identify anomalous results."

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Handy online invoicing

DRV Pro ‘Facturen’ makes invoicing a lot simpler and more efficient. Using the handy Moore DRV ‘Facturen’ app, you can scan invoices directly onto the worklist in your online bookkeeping package. Next the invoices can be brought into the process. As well as scanning invoices, you can also approve incoming digital invoices for processing in your accounting system. And clearly, it is just as easy to prepare and send your own digital invoices.


From online bookkeeping to reliable insight

DRV Pro is much more than a bookkeeping tool. Bookkeeping data, such as invoice and transaction data, can also be collated in DRV Pro. Moore DRV then transforms these data into reliable information in your online dashboard that we customize to your needs. We also process data from your operational systems into useful management information, such as the revenue per product group, movements in staff costs or the current cash position. Based on this input, you are also given the outlook for the rest of the period.


Alerts and practical advice

DRV Pro always flags up discrepancies in the data. For instance, you receive an alert when your credit limit has almost been reached. In addition, there is always someone at Moore DRV monitoring your dashboard and information along with you. If the figures show anything unusual – such as about your capital requirements – we get in touch straight away. That way, you can always immediately put our practical advice to good use. With DRV Pro, you not only opt for the systemic integration of your online bookkeeping, but also receive support from experienced advisers in a single total solution.


Online bookkeeping with over 50 connected software packages

We facilitate fully integrated online bookkeeping. DRV Pro can be connected to multiple financial and operational systems, including with software systems used specifically in your sector. No fewer than 50 software packages can now be connected to your bookkeeping system. And more are being added all the time thanks to our close cooperation with suppliers. In this way, Moore DRV offers a total online bookkeeping solution for every business.


Customized online bookkeeping

DRV Pro makes it possible to customize your bookkeeping exactly to your wishes. For instance, you can opt for our user-friendly online bookkeeping software: Moore DRV ‘Online Boekhouden’. But you can also keep your own bookkeeping package. In the latter case, we connect your bookkeeping package to DRV Pro and ensure a smooth integration with the other financial and operational systems.


The advantages of online bookkeeping with DRV Pro

  • Full integration of your online bookkeeping with your financial and operational systems
  • Anytime, anywhere insight into your online bookkeeping
  • Your entire bookkeeping at a single, safe central online location where automatic back-ups are made; your financial data are never lost
  • You can connect your own bookkeeping package or opt for our bookkeeping software: Moore DRV ‘Online Boekhouden’
  • System management for installing new versions and making back-ups is no longer necessary
  • Always fast consultation and sound advice: your adviser monitors developments at a distance in DRV Pro
  • You are entirely free to do all or part of your bookkeeping yourself


Outsourcing tax returns

The choices that you make on a daily basis influence the tax you must pay. If we provide you with a full accounting service with DRV Pro, we have a clear picture of your tax situation. This means that we can do your tax returns efficiently, leaving you more time to do what you do best: growing your business.

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