Your business grows and expands

Tax Advice

As your business grows you will have to contend with many tax issues. That applies particularly if you are planning to set up or acquire other companies, perhaps even abroad. How can you ensure that your business continues to grow without any problems?

Focal points for a growing business

Attention needs to be focused on:

  • The company structure: is it still appropriate for your growth and profit?
  • Consultation with the Tax Administration and other business service providers on the purchase and sale of shareholdings, the restructuring of your company, a merger or demerger.
  • Appropriation of profit and loss to different parts of the organization: how do you deal with or prevent a disagreement with the Tax Administration?
  • The best tax strategy for your company to adopt.
  • Designing and recording a tax process in a Tax Control Framework.
  • Tax rules abroad: what are the rules and what are the opportunities? We will help you in your discussions with the Tax Administration and other business service providers. We will also contact foreign advisors to examine the possibilities under local tax law. We can do that through our contacts in the international network of independent law firms, Moore Stephens International.
  • Shareholdings abroad: if you have shareholdings abroad or if you are or become part of a foreign group, you will be involved with transfer pricing, on which you must report to the Tax Administration. We will draw up the required documentation jointly with you.
  • Purchase of commercial property:
    • Which limited company is most suitable for purchasing commercial property?
    • Is VAT or transfer tax payable on the purchase?
    • If you are going to charge rent to various parts of your company, what is an appropriate rate to charge?
    • Will you rent your property with or without VAT?
    • Suppose you make alterations to the property. Are you entitled to a subsidy or an additional investment allowance?


Being prepared for your business to grow

We will work with you in examining all aspects of your operations that may have tax implications. We will draw your attention to possibilities, areas of concern and rules so that you can take well-informed decisions to sustain the growth of your business. We will provide you with the best possible comprehensive advice, liaise with the Tax Administration and support you with the implementation of plans. To provide comprehensive advice, your advisor will ensure that, where necessary or desirable, the right specialist is always on hand, for example to assist with:

  • VAT
  • Payroll tax
  • International matters, such as transfer pricing and expats
  • Tax control frameworks
  • Innovation Box
  • Agricultural exemptions

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