Exact Online Project Management

Doing business with Exact Online

As well as Online Accounting, this software includes project management. If your company is growing and taking on more employees and projects, this is the ideal package. Giving you greater control over costs, margins and progress, and better insight into staffing capacity, it helps build your turnover and profits.

You can find detailed information about Exact Online Project Management on the Exact website.


Looking for the right start with Exact Online Project Management?

We are happy to help you with:

  • All your questions.
  • The right subscription for your wishes and needs.
  • The right configuration of the Exact Online environment for your activities.
  • Project supervision, including time and costs, approvals and invoice proposal process.
  • Advice and guidance on subscription deployment and management.
  • Compiling or importing data (conversion) from other systems, such as general ledger accounts, journals, debtors, creditors, payment conditions, an opening balance, products/services, etc.
  • Creating layouts for quotes, invoices, reminders, etc.
  • Setting up banking links.
  • Advice on integration (links) with other programs or applications, such as specific programs for construction or other sectors, contract management, business intelligence software with dashboards, etc. View all options.
  • Creating links with other programs or applications.
  • Creating users and rights.
  • Compiling manuals and offering staff guidance and training, always with a focus on your business processes, products and services.

More information?

Michel van Gils MSc

Senior manager IT Consultancy
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