Digital staff planning with Dyflexis

You want to organise your staff planning easily and efficiently, saving costs wherever possible. The digital staff planning system provided by Dyflexis offers you this service. This software is specifically aligned with your situation, helps with scheduling, provides information about the planned and worked hours and automatically feeds this data into your payroll records. We will be happy to help you set up your planning system and link it with your payroll records. That way, you always have an complete, up-to-date information and your records are organised in a smart way.


Digital staff planning software has the following functions:

  • Streamlining the scheduling process and registration of hours.
  • Producing overviews of hours worked, which forms a good basis for payroll records.
  • Managing staff costs and expected turnover.
  • Updating the staff file.

How can you use dyflexis?

  • By simply approving the registered hours, the hours worked are registered in the system. You can also enter data manually for temporary workers, for example.
  • Your data is always available, clear and transparent. In addition to the mobile website, Dyflexis has apps for iPhone and Android.
  • You can see the differences between planned and worked hours in one clear summary. You can manage staff costs, expected turnover, budgets and the expected weather conditions.
  • Your staff can check their schedules online, submit holiday requests, swap shifts and indicate their availability.
  • We customise the system according to your requirements. We add the desired departments and job roles, import your staff data and set your company rules (relating to breaks and overtime, for example).

Why digital staff planning?

Control over your staff costs
With Dyflexis, you use planning software with real-time time registration. This gives you information about your staff planning at any time of the day and allows you to manage your staff costs and expected turnover quickly and easily.

Planning by availability

You can easily create schedules for your staff. At the click of a button, you can see who is available and assign a shift. Your staff can then view the schedule online straight away. You will also receive a notification automatically when action is required from you.

Smart collaboration

We work with you to organise your accounting system efficiently and therefore gain information about your business operations. You keep track of the hours planned and hours worked, and we ensure that this data is then processed into your payroll records and accounts.


Full control: time registration with fingerprint

You can opt for real-time registration of the hours worked by your staff using fingerprints. This means the hours worked no longer need to be entered manually. Your employee simply clocks in and out using a single fingerprint. This minimises fraud relating to hours worked.

Digital workforce planning, something for you?

To find out more about how Moore DRV can support you with your staff planning or if you have a question, leave your contact details here and we will contact you without obligation.

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Payroll advisor

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