Construction sector accountancy & advice

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Construction sector accountancy & advice

The construction sector has seen solid growth this year and will very likely also experience such growth in the years to come, especially in the Southwest Netherlands. Perhaps even more importantly, the sector is changing dramatically. Supply chain integration and partnerships are on the rise. Sustainability is an important issue which must be addressed intensively now. Due to competitive pressures and higher purchasing prices, margins are being squeezed. Moreover, builders are facing more and more project risks, and obtaining project and other financing is difficult.

Financial issues in the construction industry

All of these and other trends are making operations in your construction business complex. This requires specific support and advice in many areas, such as proper management information and current insight into, for instance, solvency ratios, advice on hiring and other personnel matters, and assistance in obtaining financing. In short, you need personalized, customized construction accountancy services.

The Construction Sector Group knows your industry

Construction companies subject to statutory audits clearly must have accountants who are knowledgeable about the sector. Partly because of the increasing complexity here, small and medium-sized companies which are not subject to statutory audits nonetheless also need such accountants. For this reason, DRV has a Construction Sector Group, in which specialized knowledge about accountancy, tax advice, corporate finance, performance improvement, personnel and grants has been pooled.

Help with strategic choices

Although the construction sector is growing, there are concerns about continuity. The sector is changing dramatically, requiring well reasoned strategic choices, if only with respect to supply chain integration and new types of partnerships. Likewise, the provision of information and degree of computerization at many companies could be greatly improved. As regards these issues, your accountant can work with DRV Performance Improvement's advisors, who are also represented in the Construction Sector Group. DRV Corporate Finance’s specialists can be called in to help with company valuations, business acquisitions and financing arrangements. If family assets are involved, Zantboer & Partners’ tax advisors and mediators can be a significant addition to the team.