Auditing your financial statements

With a critical look, but also with an eye for your business interests
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Auditing your financial statements

With a critical look, but also with an eye for your business interests

Your financial statements are a valuable source of information. The quality of your financial statements is therefore crucial. And not just for you: creditors, shareholders, financiers and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration have to be able to rely on your financial reporting, too. Further, such statements must comply with ever more stringent laws and regulations. DRV Accountants & Adviseurs audits your financial statements efficiently.

Putting your financial statements in good hands

A team of specialists is put together to audit your financial statements. With more than 70 professionals in its audit practice, DRV always has the right skills and sector knowledge in house. It's also important for these professionals to understand your business. What are the major revenue categories? What are the associated costs? And what kind of financing, for example, is normal? Every business is unique. DRV’s accountants analyse how your business operates and use this information in the audit approach.

Obviously, DRV meets the statutory and regulatory requirements for conducting audits. We have a licence under the Dutch Accountancy Organizations Supervision Act and our external accountants are registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets.

Exchanging documents quickly and securely with DRV Online

We use DRV Online to audit your financial statements meticulously and efficiently. You get your own file in this online environment. In DRV Online, we can share files and set out documents for you to approve. Nowadays, such digital communication usually goes through different applications, such as e mail, WhatsApp, and accounting and payroll packages. DRV Online centralizes communications, ensuring that they go smoothly.

Employees, such as your auditor, can also gain access to certain documents. You can authorize these people to have such access.

From financial statements to business optimization

Our specialized accountants don’t just audit your financial statements. In addition, they identify your risks and examine whether you are properly managing these. Who does what when, and how? Are you adequately controlling this? Which risks do you run if an employee drops out? And how can employees execute payments without putting you at risk? We then discuss with you the options for optimizing your business operations. We act as your sparring partner: with a critical eye, yet with an eye for your business interests as well.

Want to find out more about financial statements audits?

If you’d like to find out more about DRV’s auditing of your financial statements and what we can do for your business, please leave your contact information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!