Preparing financial statements

Accountancy & Administration Services
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Preparing financial statements

Accountancy & Administration Services

Financial statements are a valuable document, a key source of information for future decision-making. Financial statements also serve as an accountability document for e.g. financial institutions, suppliers, investors and the tax authorities. So it is important to ensure your financial statements are prepared by experts. At DRV Accountants & Adviseurs your financial statements are in good hands.

From financial statements to insights

The preparation of reliable financial statements as a decision-making document (both for yourself and third parties) is not the only service that our accountants provide. Based on our comprehensive DRV Pro approach, your financial and operational systems are integrated and valuable management information is shown in a clear and personalized dashboard of meters and counters. This provides you with insight into your financial figures and what these signify, both for today and for the future. In addition, handy alerts keep you informed of any divergent results.

Well-founded advice

Our accountants are constantly monitoring your situation. We pick up unusual developments, interpret information and give personal advice, both on request and proactively. This helps you make well-founded decisions for the future. We also prove our value by keeping close track of both your business and developments in your sector. And by assisting your operational and financial planning with ideas and suggestions. So you always have an extra pair of eyes looking out for you.

Costs of financial statements

To keep the costs of preparing the financial statements as low as possible, DRV continuously invests in software to make the work more efficient. Our DRV Pro total solution makes it possible to integrate your financial and operational systems. In this way, letting DRV prepare your financial statements not only puts a valuable document in your hands. Thanks to the integration of your financial and operational systems, you also obtain more management information and insights to lead your business.

Your financial statements in DRV Online

We make use of DRV Online to prepare your financial statements as efficiently and accurately as possible. You have your own dedicated file in this safe online environment in the cloud. In contrast with the communication via email, safe files can be shared in DRV Online and lined up for approval. The DRV Online client portal makes it possible to centralize the communication for greater efficiency. The financial statements can also be filed with the Chamber of Commerce via DRV Online. In this way, third parties (such as financial institutions and the tax authorities) have immediate reliable insight into your business’s financial health. We offer this fully automated service via DRV Online.