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About DRV

We are ‘DRV Accountants & Adviseurs. Simply one of the best accounting firms in the Netherlands’. These words are our pledge to clients and employees that we aim to excel in client satisfaction and quality for entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses. Because that is what we are passionate about: working with businesses that are the backbone of our economy and provide the bulk of our employment. Family firms that nurture their resources, customers and employees. Firms that are versatile and constantly embrace new challenges. We call that: working in the real economy.

Improving performance

If you are an entrepreneur in the real economy, our ambition as an accounting firm is to help you to fulfil your ambitions in both your business and private life. Our accountants will focus on you and your business, providing the right insights and appropriate advice. Our core business is preparing and auditing financial statements, as well as providing payroll and administration services, tax returns and financial insights. We also offer a wide range of expertise to assist you at particular times or in specific situations, such as business acquisitions, grant applications, improving your business performance, optimizing your workforce and managing your private assets.

Our accountants really want to get to know you

As your accountant and advisor we want to keep up to date with your current position and ambitions for your business and private life. With that knowledge and the use of advanced technology, we can give you the right insights and forecasts to take informed decisions. But the business side is not all that matters. By being genuinely involved we can get to know the situation behind the question. We understand that many decisions have both a business and an emotional side. That is why we invest in a valuable, lasting relationship.

Quality guarantee

As an entrepreneur you need to be confident that reports, analyses and assignments will be delivered to a high standard. DRV therefore operates in accordance with strict quality systems that are regularly assessed in internal and external reviews. We expect our accountants and advisors to demonstrate a professional, critical attitude that guarantees the quality of their work.

By constantly developing, deepening and disseminating their knowledge, the highly trained personnel at DRV jointly deliver a high level of service. This has resulted in a licence to conduct statutory audit assignments under the Accountancy Organizations Supervision Act, a horizontal supervision agreement with the Tax and Customs Administration and our recognition as an educational establishment. In short, we are an accounting firm that stands for quality.

Externe accountants

Every year, our accountants perform over 400 audit assignments for larger family businesses and educational establishments. In statutory audits only external auditors are permitted to sign the auditor’s report. These auditors are registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. The external auditor meets high demands in terms of professional skill, independence, objectivity and integrity.

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95 years by your side

For 95 years we have stayed close to our clients in every possible way, through personal involvement, short communication lines and a network of 12 offices in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Our experience dates from 1922, when Anthonie de Roo laid the foundations in Zeeland for what is now a modern, multidisciplinary accounting and consulting firm. The De Roo and Fossen partnership was formed in 1936. We operated under that name in Zeeland until 1990 – after the merger with the Van der Veen, Hardeman, Plaizier and Van Dijk Group of South Holland, the name was changed to De Roo van der Veen. In 2001 we adopted the name DRV Accountants en Belastingadviseurs, but on 1 March 2012 we changed it to DRV Accountants & Adviseurs to reflect the breadth of our expertise.

Our organization

DRV Accountants & Adviseurs is structured as a partnership whose members operate through personal companies. The partnership comprises 30 members.

Some of the business activities of DRV Accountants & Adviseurs are conducted through private limited companies, including DRV Assurance, DRV Detachering, DRV Subsidie Advies, Crossminds, Zantboer & Partners and Moore DRV. For clients requiring the services of a trust office, we have a cooperation agreement with Your Trust Netherlands. These private limited companies constitute a network under article 1(j) of the Accountancy Organizations Supervision Act.

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International collaboration

DRV Accountants & Adviseurs is affiliated with Moore Global Network Limited, the international network of independent accounting firms. DRV is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) for audits of subsidiaries of US listed companies.


DRV Accountants & Adviseurs is also affiliated with the SRA (Dutch Registered Accountants' Association), the NBA (Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants), the RB (Register of Tax Advisors) and the NIRPA (Netherlands Institute of Registered Pyroll Accountanting).

Trade data

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Chamber of Commerce number: 24492873
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